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About Nicholas & Son, Inc.

Dear Friend,


Hello and welcome from Nicholas and Son! I trust your visit to our web home is informative, helpful and fun! When my father founded Nicholas and Son some three decades ago, how could he ever have known our products and services could be reviewed by anyone the world over via the Internet. For that matter what would my Great-Grandfather, James Guy Nicholas (1881 to 1957), have thought as he constructed the Milwaukee Road, a railroad corridor in the upper Midwest as construction foreman. Or as a private contractor, the many barns and silos for farmers on the windy Kansas wheat fields of the early 20th century. Or more recently my Grandfather, Eugene Nicholas (1909 to 1999), as he poured some of the very first prestressed, precast concrete girders in the nation in the post WWII era, Or even most recently my father who left the Midwest in the middle 1950's to attend a technical school here in Connecticut.


My, how things have changed. But not the Nicholas commitment to the time honored traditions. This was something my forefathers lived and believed in. It's something my father taught me and it's something I'll pass on to my son, Evan. As we enter into a new century, Nicholas and Son begins its fourth decade of installations. For me, nothing is more important than carrying on our family tradition of excellence. Don't forget, that's my name on those trucks and signs. That's my name on the business cards, letterheads and work orders. That means something to me, so that means something for you. Every Nicholas and Son product meets my, Mark R. Nicholas', exacting specifications for quality and integrity. Every representative is an extension of our family and will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve as a consumer. Remember, with every swing of our hammers, with every completed work order, we prove and rededicate ourselves every day to you, our precious customers.


My goal has always been and will always be giving our valued customers our very best. It's what my great-grandfather, grandfather and father did before me and it's what I pledge to continue and pass on to my son. Our web home is an important part of our overall outreach into the community and will be perhaps our first meeting. If so, thanks for looking us up. If not, welcome again. But in any event, look around and enjoy yourselves. Maybe leave us a question or two. We're delighted you stopped by! Thank you so much for your time!


Many Blessings



Mark R. Nicholas, President

About Nicholas & Son, Inc.